Overheating Issues with AMD Graphics Cards on Linux

The solution to the problem was quite simple: checking the monitor’s frequency. At 144 Hz, the video card shows 100% Memory Clock in radeontop.

Command that shows your GPU utilization, both for the total activity percent and individual blocks.

Install for arch-based distros: sudo pacman -S radeontop

Lowering the frequency to 60Hz brings everything back to normal.

Another issue is that the fans of the video card may not spin. This can lead to the video card overheating and failing. Without manual temperature monitoring, you might not realize the card is overheating until it’s too late.

The amdgpu-fan utility can help to solve this problem.

https://github.com/zzkW35/amdgpu-fan - the most relevant fork

Fan controller for amdgpus

For arch-based distros, the sequence of actions will be as follows:

yay -S amdgpu-fan

sudo systemctl enable amdgpu-fan

sudo systemctl start amdgpu-fan

The settings are in the file /etc/amdgpu-fan.yml. If the defaults don’t satisfy you, you can configure the cooling scheme yourself.

With this setup, the fans will start spinning when the video card is under load.


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